Monday, 29 March 2010

The Beloved Brochures: Horrockses.

These images are culled from The Story Of Cotton, a beautifully printed company brochure lovingly produced by Horrockses. I'm guessing the brochure was produced around 1946, possibly for the Britain Can Make It export trade exhibition of the same year. By 1947 Horrockses were playing a pivotal role in the rapid brightening of women's fashion as rationing restrictions began to fall away.

For Horrockses in 1946 fashion was 'the newest development' necessitating 'enlisting the services of Artists, Painters and Engravers', the exacting standards of which are all over this glorious brochure.

Not everyone liked the Britain Can Make It expo, there we were producing goods for export which were not yet available at retail. Of course, Britain was so bankrupt export income was an obvious priority.
What would we have to-day in 2010?
Britain Can't Be Arsed To Make It - an exhibition of Chinese t-shirts and Swedish MDF? Aah, but we still design things and export financial services via Ethernet.

Yes to all.

Dear Mr Information-Highway,
I have been a very good boy. Please send me another of these. I have been careful recently not to go over my quota. I've tidied my room, polished my shoes, ironed the pillowcases and the hyacinth are doing well.

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