Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Didn't they ramble? No.1

. It is curious to note that mid-century ramblers were more elegantly dressed than we would nowadays be even for a wedding, the above images are not especially idealised. How lazy we've become. I'm apt to be a little confused about contemporary daywear, I often look around my essentially urban situation to see almost everyone wearing 'casualwear' and sport-related brands with scant regard either for colour coordination or body contour. We end up with a situation where it looks as though most people are dressed for cross country or a trip up into the cloud base on Scafell Pike. Additionally, no particular distinction is made between day and eveningwear. The shops are full of this bogus 'leisure' clothing and subsequently there is little choice but to become a victim of this peculiar plague. Isn't this meant to be the age of choice? Choose from whatever we put in front of you.
I'm sorry. I rambled.

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