Tuesday, 23 March 2010


These two images come from a 1930 edition of the German arts and photography periodical Belhagen&Klafings Monatschefte. I think it must have been a expensive subscription-only publication as it included high quality plates, fold-outs and even watercolours lovingly reproduced on proper watercolour papers.
As a young man I copied, as far as was possible, the clothes in these two pictures ( and many other '20s-'40s images besides ), if you had a mind to it wasn't terribly difficult to find the stuff in late 70s England. If this suggests an undercurrent of androgyny I am here to remind you it wasn't totally uncommon in the popular culture, certainly not among serious David Bowie, Sparks and Kraftwerk followers. Sexless alien undesirables are we.

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